The Day After Tomorrow
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The Day After Tomorrow, a 2004 American prophetically calamitous activity movie.  Co-created, co-composed, and coordinated by Roland Emmerich. On May 17, 2004, The Day After Tomorrow debuted in Mexico City. And later on May 28, 2004, delivered in the United States. A significant business achievement, the film The Day After Tomorrow turned into the 6th most noteworthy earning film of 2004. Recorded in Toronto and Montreal, The Day After Tomorrow is the most elevated earning Hollywood film made in Canada. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports that 44% of 219 pundits audited the film decidedly, with a normal rating of 5.29/10.


  • Dennis Quaid played the role of Jack Hall, an NOAA paleoclimatologist
  • Jake Gyllenhaal played the role of Samuel “Sam” Hall, Jack’s child
  • Sela Ward played the role of Dr. Lucy Hall, a doctor, Jack’s significant other and Sam’s mom
  • Emmy Rossum played the role of Laura Chapman, Sam’s adoration interest
  • Ian Holm played the role of Terry Rapson, a Scottish oceanographer of Scotland’s Hedland Center


Part 1

Jack Hall, an American paleoclimatologist, and his partners Frank and Jason, drill for samples of ice-center in the Larsen Ice Shelf for the NOAA. The ice rack out of nowhere starts to part away. At a UN meeting in New Delhi, Jack talks about his exploration demonstrating that environmental change could cause an ice age. Yet US Vice President Raymond Becker excuses his interests. Teacher Terry Rapson becomes a close acquaintance with Jack over his perspectives on an inescapable atmosphere move. At the point when a few floats in the Atlantic Ocean show a serious sea temperature drop, Rapson finishes up Jack’s hypotheses are right. Jack’s and Rapson’s groups, alongside NASA meteorologist Janet Tokada, construct a figure model dependent on Jack’s examination.

An enormous tempest framework creates in the northern half of the globe, parting into three massive storms like superstorms above Canada, Scotland, and Siberia. The tempests maneuver frozen air from the upper lower atmosphere into their middle, streak freezing anything trapped in their eyes with temperatures underneath 150 degrees Fahrenheit. In the interim, the climate deteriorates across the world. Tokyo’s struck by a goliath hail storm, later Nova Scotia has a 25-foot storm flood like a flash. A three helicopter extraordinary team entrusted with saving the British Royal family from Balmoral Castle crashes in Scotland after the entirety of their fuel lines freeze. And Los Angeles is also crushed by a cyclone episode. Following this, President Blake gives a leader request for the FAA to ground all air traffic the nation over.

Part 2

In New York City, Jack’s child Sam, and his companions Brian Parks and Laura Chapman partake in a scholastic decathlon. Where they meet another companion JD. New York’s before long trapped in the North American tempest and the climate turns out to be logically more brutal. Bringing about road flooding, and in the end, a gigantic wave-like tempest flood immersing Manhattan. This powers Sam’s gathering to look for cover at the New York Public Library. However not before Laura inadvertently cuts her leg. While cellphone interchanges are down, Sam can contact Jack and his mom Lucy, a doctor, through a working payphone; Jack encourages him to remain inside and vows to save him. Rapson and his group die in the European tempest. While Lucy stays in a medical clinic thinks about incapacitated kids. Where she and her patients are in the end safeguarded by the specialists.

Upon Jack’s recommendation, Blake clears the southern states into Mexico; the northern half’s bound to hit by the superstorm. However, are cautioned by the public authority to look for sanctuaries and remain warm. With the tempest reaching Washington, Blake perishes after his motorcade is trapped in it, making Becker the new President. Jack, Jason, and Frank advance toward New York despite seemingly insurmountable opposition.

Part 3

In Pennsylvania, Frank falls through the lookout window of a shopping center that had gotten shrouded in a day off. Penances himself by slicing his rope to keep his companions from falling in after him. In the library, most survivors, choose to travel south once the floodwater outside freezes regardless of Sam’s alerts. And are later discovered stuck to death by Jack and Jason; a couple of survivors wind up noticing Sam’s recommendation to wait, copying books to remain warm as the temperatures plunge.

Laura creates blood harming from her physical issue. Whereupon Sam, Brian, and JD scour a Russian load vessel that entered the city for penicillin. Battling off a bunch of wolves that have gotten away from Central Park Zoo. The eye of the North American tempest shows up, freezing Manhattan strong, however, Sam’s gathering makes it inside in the nick of time. Similarly, Jack and Jason take cover in a deserted café. Days after the fact, the superstorms disseminate and Jack and Jason effectively arrive at the library, discovering Sam’s gathering alive.

Part 4

Becker, in his first location as president from the US consulate in Mexico, apologizes on TV for his obliviousness and promises to send helicopters to protect survivors in the northern states. Jack and Sam’s gathering rescued in Manhattan, where numerous individuals have endured. On the International Space Station, space travelers peer down in wonderment at Earth’s changed surface, presently with ice sheets reaching out across the northern half of the globe.

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