Sadak 2 movie starring Sanjay Dutt, Alia Bhatt, Aditya Roy Kapur, Pooja Bhatt. Released the trailer on wednesday and has been trending for having millions of dislikes within few hours.

sadak 2 trailer dislikes - sadak 2 (image)  Sadak 2 Trailer Gets More than 6M Dislikes On YouTube sadak 2 movie
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Sanjay Dutt Alia Bhatt Adity Roy Kapur Pooja Bhatt Gulshan Grover
Makarand Deshpande Jisshu Sengupta Priyanka Bose Akshay Anand Mohan Kapoor
cast of Sadak 2

Sadak 2 is the sequel to the film Sadak which was released in 1991.

Sadak 2 will be released on Disney+ Hotstar on August 28, as soon as the trailer of the film was released it had received millions of ‘dislikes’ on YouTube. And the internet has been roasting the film trailer since it got released and has been a center of controversy. The hashtags like  #Sadak2dislike and #BoycottSadak2 are trending on twitter. The trailer of Sadak 2 has crossed more than 6 million dislikes now.

Sadak 2 Trailer Gets More than 6M Dislikes On YouTube sadak 1024x576
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The internet said , Sadak 2 trailer is the most disliked video is the proof that we hate nepotism.

After the death of Actor Sushant Singh Rajput, his fans came out saying he did not get opportunities as he was an outsider and Bollywood didn’t treat him right and also blames nepotism as one of the reasons. 

 Nepometer, a website launched by Sushant’s brother-in-law Vishal Kirti, The website gives the rating of the film based on whether the cast and the crew of the film are people from the movie industry or outsiders. It rated the film Sadak 2 as 98% nepotistic.

These are the reasons why Sadak 2 trailer got millions of dislikes.

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