90’s, a time when 90’s kids used to wait for their favorite TV show every weekend. Not just cartoons, but also a wide range of shows from Comedy to Sci-Fi, Action to Drama, Entertainment.

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Shaka Laka Boom Boom

Indian TV Show Loved By 90’s Kids sanju
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Shaka Laka Boom Boom is an Indian TV series.

The story is about a boy, Sanju and his magic pencil which have the ability to bring things drawn with it to life. This TV show is among the big hit of that time and every 90’s kid wished to have a magic pencil like Sanju, isn’t it?

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The story begins  with the birth of Hatim, also known as yemen ka shehzada Hatim.

They believed that he would bring peace and happiness for the people. And at the same time the son of jaffar was born, and is known to be the greatest servant of the evil, the boy was named Dajjal. Earlier, The story is about the journey of Hatim to solve seven questions and later fighting Dajjal. The journey brings lots of twists, tasks and suspense. Hatim is the favorite character and a superhero for 90’s kids, And the show is one of the Successful TV Show for 90’s kids

Shararat – Thoda Jaadu, Thodi Nazaakat

Indian TV Show Loved By 90’s Kids shararat
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Shararat – Thoda Jaadu, Thodi Nazaakat – It is an Indian fantasy TV show on Star Plus channel.


Jia is from the family of fairies. Because of good deeds by ancestors.

her family’s first girl child of each generation is blessed with magical powers and jia was one of them. Jia lives with her father Suraj Malhotra, her mother Radha, her grandmother Sushma and her brother Jai.This show is a mixture of comedy, magic, college love story, entertainment,etc.

The show shararat was started on 2003 and went on till 2006.